Joery Korobejnik

Experienced professional with a hands-on approach, well-versed in the utility, software development and data engineering industries.


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Work Experience

Department Head Data Management and Archiving / Het Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland
Apr 2024 - Present

Responsible for the department of Data Management and Archiving within the water authority of Delfland.

Delfland is one of the twenty-one regional water authorities in the Netherlands. The water authorities are the oldest government bodies in the Netherlands. Delfland was founded in 1289. The water authorities are responsible for flood protection, water quality and the treatment of waste water. Strategic challenges concern adaptation to climate change (rising sea levels, heat stress, heavy downpours), transition to a circular economy and greenhouse gas / energy neutrality. The Delfland region is situated in the Province of South Holland. Delfland has some 1.2 mln inhabitants. Some 1500 horticulture greenhouse businesses are located in the Delfland region.

- Geographic data and information
- Document management
- Business Intelligence
- Application management
- Continued development of the data platform

IT Lead / Joulz B.V.
Oct 2021 - Mar 2024 - 2 yr 6 mos

Responsible for the business–IT alignment, technical team and projects within the metering vertical.

- IT strategy
- Business Intelligence
- Metering landscape rationalization
- Compliancy with the sector releases
- Continued development of the Joulz Data Platform

Director of Sales and Business Development / Spatial Eye B.V.
Jan 2021 - Sep 2021 - 9 mos

Part of the management team with responsibility for sales, business development and key projects (sales target: 2M EUR).

- Cadastral data as a service
- Address master management
- Business process focussed web applications
- Data pipeline with history, spatial and network connectivity data
- Dial before you dig solution for the Dutch (KLIC) and Belgian markets (KLIP & KLIM)

General Manager / Xensor Integration B.V.
Mar 2019 - Dec 2020 - 1 yr 10 mos

Responsible for daily operations, sales and marketing activities (revenue: 3,5M EUR).

- Founders exit strategy preparation and implemenation
- Business development of the thermal conductivity hydrogen sensor
- MEMS design, micro assembly, chip calorimetry and gas sensing instrumentation
- Focus on safety, digital process support, ISO compliance and operational excellence

Manager Sales, Marketing and Services/ Spatial Eye B.V.
Jan 2016 - Feb 2019 - 3 yrs 2 mos

Responsible for direct sales to mainly utility companies, indirect sales via partners and marketing activities for standard and custom software solutions and consulting services (sales target: 2M EUR).

In times of need I supported the service team with complex software implementations projects. After a reorganization I additionally became responsible for the services team comprising 5 people. Being part of a small team I learned to work effectively and to balance multiple projects and responsibilities without losing sight of future software and company developments. Because of the partnership with General Electric, I was fortunate to travel the world to present complex software solutions to the biggest utility companies.

Sales focus areas
- Data Fabric
- Spatial Analysis
- Data driven Asset Management
- Business process focused applications

Programme Manager / Enexis B.V.
Mar 2013 - Dec 2015 - 2 yrs 10 mos

Responsible for projects focusing on improvement of customer relationship, asset data, operational excellence and IoT of public lighting. (budget: 20M EUR).

- Design and implementation of the public lighting process dashboard
- Redesign of the public lighting portal to improve the customer experience with the operational processes
- Improving stakeholder communication about public lighting
- Implementation of the smart metering and dynamic schedule services to the public lighting customers
- Mapping operational processes and services offered by Enexis for public lighting, defining the best practices to gain operational excellence and higher customer appreciation and implementing the needed changes
- Definition, pilot and implementation of hardware and software solutions that is needed to modernize the control of public lighting, energy balance management and MV fault detection in 30.000 substations.
- Comparing and adjusting technical and financial public lighting data with the customers and their service providers to improve outage management and to create transparency in the billing process
- Digitizing 1.2 million LV connections for public lighting from analogue sketches and geographical position from 360 degrees pictures, digitizing 600.000 LV joints from analogue sketches, cosmetically improving LV schematics for 50.000 substations and 120.000 distribution boxes and improving the LV schematics by doing field inspections

Asset Data Manager / Enexis B.V.
May 2010 - Feb 2013 - 2 yrs 10 mos

Project manager and analyst for asset data related topics.

- Chairman of the asset data entry policy board
- Improving data quality of build dates and material types of critical assets (budget: 600k EUR)
- Digitizing 4.2 million service connections from analog sketches to digital representation (budget: 13M EUR)

Management Trainee / Enexis B.V.
Jun 2008 - Apr 2010 - 1 yr 11 mos

Talent development programme with operational projects in different departments.

- Financial data entry process improvement
- Analog to digital asset data migration


Advanced Studies in Management (MSc) / Open Universiteit
2022 - 2023

General courses: strategy & marketing, organization & change, hrm & accounting and financial decision making & governance.
Specialization: financial decision making.

Bachelor of Engineering (B Eng) / TH Rijswijk Academy for Engineering
2004 - 2008

Specialization: Power Engineering & Electrical systems and telecommunications
Thesis: Scenario based study on impact of solar panels, wind turbines and combined heat & power adoption on the Dutch distribution system operators (DSO) infrastructure.

- Member of the student council
- Teaching Chinese students the Dutch language
- International internship in South Africa